Fallout 76 Players Get Married In Game


While plenty of gamers are unhappy with the current state of Fallout 76, there are also players who have had very positive experiences with the game thus far, regardless of its problems. One such pair of fans apparently liked the game so much that they decided to hold their own wedding in it! The Fallout 76 wedding took place in the Mothman Museum and was complete with proper wedding rings and a power-armour-wearing officiant.

In the process of throwing a wedding together, Twitter user Rickforb and her spouse wanted to show off that Fallout 76 wasn’t all about fighting mutants and surviving roving gangs of killer bandits. Gamers have done this kind of thing in MMOs before but this is one of the first time anyone has tried an actual wedding ceremony inside the world that Bethesda built.

It was a full-on affair, there was the ceremony itself, adorable pictures using the heart emote and the stellar photo mode, and there was even an afterparty that looked way more fun than it had any right being. With Bethesda's promise of tons more content making its way into Fallout 76, this wedding just makes us excited to see what other creative endeavors fans can come up with. You can buy cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps at mmocs.com by using the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount.

Just for perspective though, because I do feel I need to add this. The Fallout 76 marriage isn’t OFFICIALLY how the couple got married. They were already husband and wife beforehand. A wedding without a ceremony as she described. So this was just a fun way the two found to immerse themselves into Fallout 76 with a community managed marriage event.

According to ergungurer, the ceremony featured actual wedding rings, which can be found in the inventory of a particular radroach in-game. The ceremony was also sponsored by Nuka-Cola, as evidenced by ergungurer’s towering suit of Nuka-Cola-emblazoned power armour; unusual attire for an officiant in most denominations, but perhaps prudent attire for protection from the mothman. Given that particular cryptid’s propensity for watching players from a distance, one has to wonder whether it observed the ceremony. Indeed, one of the screenshots taken of the ceremony does show a fourth attendee clad in Ritual Bindings and Ritual Mask; the trappings of a cultist of the mothman…